Friday, July 6, 2012

L is for Lapbooking

This year we discovered Lapbooking.Lapbooking can be done by any learner from preschoolers to adults. With this educational method, you make mini-books covering details that you've studied. After making a variety of mini-books about a larger topic, all the books are put together in a large folder. The finished product is called a lapbook because it's large and covers your lap.

The two topics we are working on are Fire Safety with L and Spain with K. L is so interested in Firefighters and safety issues. Whilst K is so excited that we are visiting Spain. I found info which she can find interesting and included it in the Lapbook.

Here are the Lapbook covers.

L had a set of flashcards with firefighter words and he matched toys to them.

Here he is practising the number to call in an emergency.

This is a sequencing game.

Colouring in of his favourite hero Fireman Sam.

Pre-writing task of name.

K is working on Spanish customs which include: flamenco, castanettes, bull running, bull fighting, tomatoe festival and footbal (she included the winning score of the Euro Cup). She also put on a dressing up costume of a Spanish girl and did the matching of the customs with things found in the house. We have more mini books which we are still working on in the Lapbooks.

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  1. You make learning look like so much fun. My kids are still pretty young, but I will have to remember these ideas for when they are older!