Thursday, July 12, 2012

K is for Kaleidoscope (work in progress)

We are doing an online readathon with Memetales. This week the topic is Immagination and the story K and L enjoyed most is Night Boy.

This book is a unique and playful picture book 
about a brother and sister named Night and Day who are brother and sister. Night cannot wait until dark to play with his sister ......

We are also working on our Virtual Book Club book which is The Napping House. This story tells us what happens during nap time!!!

Therefore we are learning a lot about activities at day and night. We talked about what happens and what we do during each of the times. Since Night Boy talks about Night's adventure in the night sky we managed to learn more about constellations, milky way, the moon, the sun ....... I just realised how vast is this topic and how interested the children became. So tonight we spent some time observing the night sky and creating designs with the stars. The next craft activity is going to be the Kaleidoscope!!! So today was the warming up so next time K and L can use their own Kaleidoscope.

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