Saturday, July 21, 2012

July Virtual Book club - Don and Audrey Wood: The Napping House

We loved July's virtual Book Club challenge to read books by Don and Audrey Wood. The book we chose to work our activities on is The Napping House 
We read the book online for several times and discussed topics related to housinga and day and night. All activities we did have some connection to the story. These activities give us opportunities to discuss the book and also use the children's imagination to relate to other situations. 

Build a Scene with toys

L searched for toys in the house to build the scene of the story. I can say he was rather fast to identify where to look for .... the Doll house!!! He found a granny, a child, a dog and the cat. For the mouse he used a stick puppet of the mouse from The Gruffalo story. We had difficulties to find the flea so we searched online for a picture and printed it. K did the activity too.

Day and Night 

I have laminated pictures related to day and night situations. K and L had to sort them into their category. We discussed opposites like: dark - light, day - night, sun - moon, awake - asleep .....

Which animals sleep at night/in the day

K and L had to draw a day and night scene and glue pictures of the animals where they think is appropriate.


We talked about different houses in the world and watched a video on You Tube about different houses. We also talked about different houses in Malta and the stone used to build these houses. The stone used locally is  the limestone and we plan to visit a park describing the process of the stone from the quarry to a house

 These photos show .....

malta town houses  
 a traditional town house in an old city in Malta.

 a typical house in Malta nowadays.


I printed lots of activities related to The Napping House from

L put the story in sequence with this  printable worksheet.

Rhyming words

K practised words that rhyme with nap using a printable rhyming strip.

I also laminated a picture where she could write the words that rhymed. It was a very good activity as she is working on reading and writing skills.

Build a word ....

We have some wooden letters which K used to build words from the story.

Activities related to size

We used objects in the house to discuss size. We ordered smallest to biggest, big to small and same.

Add caption

Other activites .....

 Tracing worksheet

 Colour in by number worksheet

We are so happy to be participating in the Virtual Book Club as it has enhanced learning opportunities in a different way. Follow this blog hop to learn more.

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