Saturday, November 17, 2012

November Virtual Book Club - Charlie needs a Cloak by Tomie dePaula

The book we worked on for our November Virtual Book Club is 

Charlie needs a Cloak by Tomie dePaula.

Charlie needs a cloak, and this book tells the story, from start to finish, of how he goes about to make one from raw material. It takes readers through the year. From spring sheep shearing his whimsical sheep who help him with his work, to weaving, to dyeing, through sewing the new garment  by the winter fire. Too bad Charlie doesn't notice, as soon as he puts it on, that his favorite sheep is already chewing on his hem!The story is fun and educational, while the pictures are delightful telling a hidden story in themselves. The illustrations are humorous, which dePaola is famous for. 

The following are activities we worked on related to the book.


We decided to work on a Lapbook for this book. We used the pack from Homeschoolshare to download the resources.

Step by step how Charlie got the material for the coat: Shear, Card, Spin, Weave, Sew

Learn to draw a sheep

Learn to draw a sheep

Jesus is the good shepherd colouring and Bible verse

Different Red Coats

I had prepared various printouts of characters who wear a red coat and with a simple clue K and L had to choose the character asked for. Finally we glued the pictures in our Lapbook.


I wished to introduce knitting to my daughter. The best person to do that was my mum so we used a pack she had got as a gift to make and took it to grandma's house to guide her. The pack included a knitting wheel a crochet needle and balls of coloured wool. K was very happy to try it and is still in the process of producing her first knitted project.


We used the printable from the homeschoolshare pack and laminated the sheet to do threading.

Multi-sensory  Fun Activity

I printed a picture of a sheep on a blue and a pink paper and laminated them. I put shaving foam on them. K and L had to close their eyes before touching the material to use their sense of touch and smell and guess what is on the sheet. After this activity they thought of other stuff we could use to do the activity and their anwers were white liquid soap, marshmallow, popcorn, cotton .... We did actually try the liquid soap and the popcorn.

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