Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Colourful time ....

Carnival (Maltese: il-Karnival ta' Malta) has had an important place on the Maltese cultural calendar for just under five centuries, having been introduced to the Islands by Grand Master Piero de Ponte in 1535. It is held during the week leading up to Ash Wednesday, and typically includes masked balls, fancy dress and grotesque mask competitions, lavish late-night parties, a colourful, ticker-tape parade of allegorical floats presided over by King Carnival (Maltese: ir-Re tal-Karnival), marching bands and costumed revellers.

King Carnival
This year K and L dressed up in various costumes on Carnival days and we visited the big Carnival floats in Valletta. Unfortunately the weather was not good and the parades got cancelled. But we enjoyed as much as we could the happy atmosphere created by children and all the young at heart.

Dressed up as Spanish girl and Superhero

Visiting Carnival floats
Huge Spiderman float

Dessed up as Angelina Ballerina and Lazy Town Superhero Sportacus

Carnival float dedicated to Elvis

K and L with a famous local Carnival float creator

more Carnival floats

more Carnival floats
with friends near King Carnival

more Carnival floats

This is the song for the Carnival in Malta

and this is a funnier version but with pictures related to the Carnival

The food related to this period are

Look here for interesting Recipes and information

To keep in theme with this colourful time of year K and L did some craft.

To end it all up mum and dad attended a Gran Ballo in a Venetian theme and it was a wonderful experience.

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