Thursday, January 17, 2013

Widnet il-Bahar - Malta National plant

Every month K and L's school chooses a topic for the children to work on. They also have to produce a craft or writing related to the topic. This month it was about Malta. This is a vast topic so for this project we worked on the National plant.

Widnet il-Baħar - Maltese Rock Centaury 

This is the National Plant of Malta and in Maltese it is poetically known as Widnet il-Baħar (ear of the sea). It is endemic to Malta, possibly dating back to the era before the ice-ages.

K and L worked on a Craft activity of the plant which they loved doing.

Fist they did leaf rubbing 

Next they inserted a dry flower stem of an actual flower

Crepe paper was used to do the flower

Paper flower glued to the craft

Final product

The school also created 5 books about Malta for the children to read. One of them was actually about Widnet il-Baħar. Here is the link to the book about Widnet il-Baħar. The text is in the Maltese language.

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