Monday, September 3, 2012

We are Worldwide Culture Swappers

We love our beautiful little island in the Mediterranean ....Malta and when we found this site on line we were very interested to participate and let others know all about it.
Culture Swapper
When you sign up for the Worldwide Culture Swap you will be put in a group with 5 families from around the world.  The objective of the swap is to share information with each family about the country in which you live (or that you will be representing) so that they can get a feel for the culture of that country. This is achieved by sending a package (usually addressed to the child or children) with bits and pieces that you have chosen to give a good overview of what it is like to live there. 
We were very excited in preparing our package. This is what our package included and a brief description is given about each item.

Here is a photo and some information on each object we put in our pack.

*    A traditional Recipe – Figolla
*    A figolla cutter

Brief information about the origins of the recipe for the traditional sweet
 Figolla with step by step instructions and a Figolla cutter.

*    A traditional children’s game – Iz-Zunzana ( plus link to more traditional games)
*    A soft ball to play the traditional children’s game

Translation of song for game and instructions how to play it.  Plus soft ball to play the game.

*    Twistees ( a locally produced popular snack)


*    Galletti ( a locally produced water cracker ideally to eat with cheese)


*    Exploring Malta Activity book
A 44 page book full of fun information about the geography and history of Malta and Gozo. It’s bursting with activities such as mazes, colouring-ins, cut-out figures; crossword puzzles; join the dots; spot the difference and even a build your own balcony and galley!

*    A Maltese cross  Filigree pendant (silver 925 with certificate)plus information

*    Luzzu (traditional fishing boat) magnet

Luzzu magnet

*    Lanyard 

*    Bag

*    Lapel pin of the Maltese cross

Maltese Cross

*    Postcard booklet of Malta

*    Map of the Maltese islands

*    Information leaflets (sponsored by Malta Tourism Authority)

Brochures from Malta Tourism Authority

*    Flowers of Malta postcard  (plus link)  for more information on flora and fauna of Malta

*    Stationary – pen, pencil and bookmark

We also included an introductory letter with some photos of the family in various places in Malta.

K was very excited in the preparation of the package and I can say she is now even more excited to receive the four packages from our swappers which are from Scotland, Australia, Virginia USA and California USA.

And here are the pics of K and L opening their parcels

Scotland pack

USA - Virginia pack

USA - California pack

Australia pack



  1. What a great collection! Would love to have you link up at the Culture Swapper again!

  2. What an incredible packages you put together! I bet they will bring a lot of smiles when they are opened and I loved seeing the smiles on your children's faces when they opened their packets.