Saturday, September 1, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon.... and August Virtual Book club

Yesterday we experienced .... the once in a blue moon day.....!!! 

Well there are various ideas of what this really means but we decided to go for the appearance of the second full moon in one month. Here is a definition  given by Wikipedia. K and L seemed rather interested in the activity and we took the opportunity to link it to Our Summer Virtual Book Club activity at Toddler Approved. The author chosen for August was Kevin Henkes. To relate to our Blue Moon experience we read Kitten's first full moon.

The activity we did was to finger paint a moon. Well actually the first was to see the Full moon on Friday 31st August 2012.
We also watched this video for more info related to the phases of the moon.

For the activity first L had to choose on which coloured paper to paint between blue and black. He chose black as he said it reminded him of the night sky.

Next he had to choose the shape to use to draw the full moon.

He chose the circle and then drew around it.

Next it was paint time ......

.... and this is Lee's full moon!!

Next we did some role play of the story with a cat hand puppet and Lee's full moon!!

This was a great activity and I am sure it will not be one in a blue moon only ;-) we will be doing more activities related to moon ..... until the next post you can follow this Blog Hop related to Kevin Hankes books.

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