Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our A-Z Summer Alphabet Bucket

We all love to do new things so all the family sat down to think of some activities we would like to do this Summer. Everyone had loads of ideas and so we chose one for each letter of the alphabet. I am sure much more will have to be included but we are keeping this list to start with .........

A - Agritourism
B - Beach
C - Cooking 
D - Diving
E - Ecology
F - Fruit Salad
G - Geocaching
H - Hugs
I - Indian Night
J - Jam making
K - Kaleidoscope
L - Lapbook
M - Marshmallows on BBQ
N - Night Hike
O - Olympics
P - Paper Craft (Recyling)
Q - Queen Jubilee
R - Readathon
S - Spain Holiday
T - Temples
U - Umbrella
V - Virtual Book Club
W - Waffle
X - X marks the spot
Y - Yoga
Z - Zoo

So looking forward for the Summer  fun ..................

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