Sunday, June 17, 2012

Virtual Book Club Activities - The pigeon wants a puppy by Mo Willems

Summer Holidays are so near and I was so looking forward to find activities to do with my children which include reading and fun. Then I read a blog re a virtual book club by and took up the challenge!!! I had not yet read any books by Mo Willems to my children but we searched them online and found alot!!! I'm sure they will be in our home library soon .

We first read an online version of the book THE PIGEON WANTS A PUPPY by MO WILLEMS on You tube and LOVED it. The ideas started rolling in ...........

  • We talked about pigeons and remembered the time we played (and chased)  with them in our beautiful capital city Valltetta.
  • We discussed how much we love animals and mentioned all the animal pet friends we know.
  • Talked about why we cannot have a pet in our house!
  • Discussed Pigeons way of asking for a puppy......
  • Searched online what  a walrus is.
  • Talked about taking care of dogs.
Then it was time for the creativity to start!!!!

All activities will be shared on a Virtual Book Club on Monday 18th June 2012.

I am rather new to blogging so hope this is good!!


I did a free hand drawing for L to colour in which he enjoyed so much. The result was so colourful he loved it xx

K preferred to go free hand and sketched  Pigeon freely. Then she used water colours to colour in. Decided to do a black border and cut the picture.

Next L asked me to pencil draw puppy so he could colour in too! He told me this will be the kind of puppy he would like one day!!
 So sweet xx

K finished paint time with writing puppy .. well done K ... and notice the exclamation mark at the end!!!!!


Another activity with K was building Pigeon with cloths and pieces in the house. I think she did a great job!!

                         L brought in a puppy from his soft toy collection.

Chalk Drawing

Chalk drawing on our house roof was the next activity.

Fun in the kitchen ..... edible pigeon!!

For this activity we used plain rice crackers, mascarpone cheese, blue tinted mascarpone cheese (we used food colouring), liquorish, gums and blue sprinkles. Everything is edible ... yummy!


  1. What creative kids! Using items from around the house to make a pigeon is such a fun idea.

  2. Wonderful ideas. I just love the giant pigeon! Looks like they had a great time!

  3. Looks like you guys had so much fun! What a creative idea to build the pigeon with a towel! Too funny! Thans for sharing your post in our Mo Willems blog hop!

  4. Love the giant collage! We are going to try this one! Awesome!

  5. I love all the ways to create the pigeon! And most you can do with things you just have lying around the house... those are my kind of activities.

  6. Link to the story read by Mo Willems